Seminar Wudang Kung Fu cu Maestrul Ismet Himmet

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Wudang Pai sau Scoala Wudang este un sistem complex de practici care se adreseaza atat corpului, cat si spiritului, si care au fost transmise de catre maestrii daoisti de-a lungul mai multor secole, din generatie in generatie pana in prezent. Wudang Pai cuprinde numeroase discipline, printre care se numara si caligrafia, studiul scrierilor stravechi, muzica, artele martiale, Qigong-ul si meditatia.

Maestrul Ismet Himmet este un profesor european cu o lunga experienta in practica artelor martiale si, in special a stilurilor predate in regiunea Wudang. Ismet Himmet practica artele martiale de 28 de ani. Printre stilurile cunoscute de el se numara : Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Wing Tsun, Shaolin Gongfu. Din anul 2001, Ismet Himmet incepe sa practice in mod intensiv artele martiale si practicile spirituale in cadrul sistemului Wudang Pai, urmand a fi acceptat de catre Marele Maestru You Xuan De ca discipol si apropiat. A castigat numeroase medalii in cadrul competitiilor de Taijiquan, iar din anul 2010 a inceput sa predea sistemul Wudang Pai in special in China si, in cadrul stagiilor intensive, si in Europa.

Ismet Himmet este primul strain care a avut initiativa de a deschide o academie de arte martiale in Muntii Wudang din China, pentru a preda in mod intensiv Principiile Artelor Martiale.

In cadrul stagiului pe care Ismet Himmet il va sustine in Bucuresti se vor explica si exersa elementele fundamentale care stau la baza practicilor martiale si spirituale din Wudang Pai. Dintre acestea enumeram : explicarea Principiului Yin-Yang si aplicarea fazelor Yin-Yang in tehnicile martiale, exersarea Trigramelor Ba Gua ca forme de atac si contra-atac in lupta, explicarea teoriei celor 5 elemente care se creeaza si se distrug reciproc, etc.

Seminarul va avea 3 parti:

Vineri – Partea 1: Yin Yang Expression – What is Si Xiang of the Body – What is Ba Gua of the Body – 36 Sections of the Body.

Sambata si Duminica Partea a 2-a si a 3-a – 48 Sections of the Body – 64 Sections of the Body – Fajin – Fali – 5 Elements – Astral Qi

Seminarul va dura 15 ore si se va desfasura dupa urmatorul program:

Vineri: 19.00 – 22.00

Colegiul Tehnic Carol – Zona Crangasi

Adresa: Str. Porumbacu nr. 52, sector 6, Cartier Crangasi

Mijloace de transport: Metrou Crangasi, Tramvai 41, Autobuz 178

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Sambata si Duminica 10.00 – 13.00 / 14.00 – 17.00

Scoala Generala nr. 172 – Zona Drumul Taberei

Adresa: Aleea Parva Nr. 3-5, sector 6

Mijloace de transport : 168, 71, 69, 268 Statia Valea Argesului

                                             90, 91, 93 Statia Valea Ialomitei

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Taxa de participare:

450 lei sau 100 E

Data limita de inscriere: 9 mai 2014

Taxa de participare se poate achita la unul dintre cursurile noastre sau prin transfer bancar (in lei), mentionand numele si scopul (Stagiu Wudang 9 – 11 mai 2014)

Asociatia Clubul Sportiv Wudao

Cod fiscal: 28149950

IBAN: RO29BTRL04601205W43430XX

Banca Transilvania, Sucursala Militari

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Tel: 0722.784.229


Toti practicantii veniti din afara clubului la seminar vor beneficia de o reducere de 50 % la abonamentul lunar pe o perioada de 3 luni daca achita taxa pana la 1 Mai 2014 iar cei care achita dupa vor avea reducerea de 50% pentru o luna.

Reducerea se va aplica in perioada 13 mai – 13 iulie 2014 pentru abonamentul de 3 sedinte pe saptamana. In loc de 110 lei se va achita 55 lei pe luna.

In cadrul cursului de Wu Tao Kung Fu se studiaza stilul Wudang Kung Fu.

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Impressions from the workshop Wudang Pai

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Master Ismet Himmet

After a long period of waiting, finally Master Ismet Himmet arrived in Bucharest to hold the workshop on “The 10 Ancient Principles from Wudang Pai”, workshop which took place in the weekend of 22 and 23 September. We were all very curious to meet Master Ismet Himmet, a teacher with a very long experience in martial arts practice and, especially, in the styles taught in the Wudang Mountains from China.

Ismet Himmet has been doing martial arts for more than 27 years. He practiced many styles, such as: Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Wing Tsun, Shaolin Gongfu. Eleven years ago, though he was prepared to teach martial arts, he has decided to travel to China in order to restart his training as a student. Thus, in the past eleven years, he lived and learned in monasteries, schools and academies, from well-known martial art teachers. Ismet Himmet is the first foreigner who had the initiative to open a martial arts academy in the Wudang Mountains from China, for the systematic training of martial arts principles.

Our first impressions about him were unexpected: he is a very friendly and modest person (it took us some time to convince him to let us pick him up from the airport), but, in return, he is very generous with the informations and technics he teaches.

The academy he opened in China reflects his wish to bring back to life and to spread the martial and spiritual practices from the Wudang Mountains, which he considers very precious. “The Wudang Principles are a great chance for every martial artist to understand the essence behind his style, because essentially they are all the same”, he states.

arte martiale karate

Though the time has been very short, during the workshop in Bucharest, master Ismet taught us one martial arts sequence, a Qigong exercise, several martial arts applications and he even made us an introduction to the philosophical and spiritual principles which are the foundation of his practice. We have immediately recognized the circular movements, sometimes very slow and relaxed and sometimes very fast and explosive, which are specific to the Wudang style.

He gave us a lot of informations during the workshop, but Ismet also spent a lot of time with us even outside the workshop session and he answered very patiently our questions and curiosities.

arte martiale karateHe told us a lot of things about his practice and about his academy in Wudang; we found out that the training schedule is very intense: during the four daily training classes, his students learn martial arts and Taijiquan sequences, Qigong exercises and meditation technics, and also fighting applications; though the training program is very intense, his students are getting more and more numerous. About his personal life, Ismet is also very generous with the informations: he told us about how he wanted to go to China and practice martial arts since he was very little, about how he got to live in Wudang, about his teachers, about the difficulties he faced (in Wudang there is no heating in winter) and about his life in Wudangshan.

One of the most interesting explanations he gave us was the one about the concept of destiny. He was just telling us that in the taoist tradition (Taoism is a spiritual practice from China) the belief in destiny is very strong; thus, it is believed that you cannot move a single finger if this is not destined to happen to you. Somebody asked him then how it is possible for us to be free if everything is already decided for us. His explanation was unexpected: we perceive ourselves as being different from our destiny, as if us and our destiny we are two different things; in the Taoist tradition there is the belief that everything is, in fact, one thing, that all things are in fact deeply bonded on a certain level, so this means that we are not different from our destiny, that what is destined for us to happen is what we need to experience, so our destiny’s decision is also our own choice.

The discussions with Master Ismet Himmet remembered us a lot of memories from the Wudang Mountains, a place where many of us travelled in order to improve their martial arts practice. We’ve remembered together about the technics we have learned there, about the temples from Wudang, about the teachers we have met there, about the good places to eat, and a lot of others things.

arte martiale wushu wudangWe are very happy that among the cities from Europe where Master Ismet Himmet held workshops, this year there was also Bucharest. Before he left, Master Ismet told us that he felt good with our group and that next year he will come back with pleasure in Bucharest. We also hope to learn as soon as possible in his Academy in China or in the school that his students opened in Berlin.

Poze Stagiu Wudang Pai sept 2012

Poze de la stagiul de Arte Martiale, stilul Wudang Pai, organizat de Clubul Sportiv Wudao care l-a avut ca invitat special pe Master Ismet Himmet. Stagiul a fost organizat in perioada 22, 23 septembrie 2012.